No offense to Ralph Macchio, but he ain't the Karate Kid. - Barney, How I Met Your Mother, the Bro Mitzvah, S8 E22
Now I try to avoid situations from the past that may threaten me. How do you do that? I go through life like a Karate Kid. - Britney Spears, MTV's Britney: for the record. 2008
It's all about the paper, you say it's not, but it probably is, I swear my soul turned black like the Karate Kid. - Muzzy Muzz, Cannon Gang and Green Light - The Movement

May 26, 2012

Cutest couple

Ali and Daniel

Mei and Dre

The cutest couple prize goes to.......Mei and Dre. How could it not? These two look cute together, Daniel and Ali actually look awkard together in my opinion.

Plus Ali and Daniel were constantly fighting, "different but different" as Daniel said. Dre and Mei had a real connection in their budding relationship.


Score now 4 - 2 for 1984.

May 2, 2012