Sep 13, 2011

Tuesday September 13th, 1983

Soccer tryouts - "Hey, this school sucks man, it sucks!"

If my earlier theory on the September timeline is correct the first day of school would have been Monday September 12th. However I have raised another debate for myself regarding the soccer tryouts.

Would those have been held on the first day of school? I suppose they could have however when I think back to my high school years I don't ever remember tryouts for the various sports teams taking place on the first day of school.

It would have had to have been close to the first day though since Daniel is still sporting a black eye and it is the first meeting of Daniel and Ali after the fight on the beach. Did they not see each other on the first day of school? It is hard to say but it is possible Daniel just wanted to lay low for a day due to his black eye and the embarassment of the fight that took place the previous night.

This is just a theory but I'm going to guess Daniel played it cool for his first day at West Valley and the soccer tryouts were held on the second day of school, Tuesday the 13th.


Monday September 12th, 1983 - the first day of school

Daniel, the essence of cool.

Sep 10, 2011

Saturday September 10th, 1983

Arrival in Receda

It is hard to pin down the dates of the events of the Karate Kid before the Halloween dance. The only clue we get is at the begining of the movie which opens with Newark, New Jersey September.

However, I believe we can safely say the arrival in Receda was on Saturday, September 10th. Here is how I came to that conclusion.

We know that Mrs. Larusso is doing all the driving which means they are not going to make it too fast across the country. They are going to have to take plenty of rest stops and lunch breaks plus we can see from the opening few shots that they seem to be taking the scenic route. I figure it would take them 6 or 7 days to drive cross country, more likely 7 days espcially in that beat up 1968 Chevy Malibu wagon.

We also have to keep in mind the day they arrive Daniel meets Freddy Fernandez and is invited to the "Adios a Summer" beach party. The next day is the beach party and Daniel's violent introduction to Johnny Lawrence. Then the next day after that school begins.

At least back in the old days it was tradition for public schools to start the school year the week after Labor Day. In 1983 Labor Day was on Monday September 5th.

Had they left New Jersey on the 1st of September, the earliest possible given the information provided at the beginning of the film, that would put them in CA on the 8th which was a Thursday putting the first day of school on a Saturday. Of course that's wrong.

So assuming West Valley High School followed tradition and started school the week after Labor Day the timeframe fits that the Larusso's left New Jersey on the 3rd of September, traveled 7 days cross-country, arrived in Receda on the 10th, the beach party was on the 11th, and the first day of school was on the 12th.

This is just a theory however based on the assumption that Daniel's new school followed tradition. I wouldn't have any reason to believe that they wouldn't so I do feel confident in my timeline.

Sep 9, 2011

2011: a special Karate Kid year

September thru December is always the best time of year for fans of the Karate Kid. However this year something is happening that has only happened three other times since the movie came out (1988, 1994, and 2005) and won't happen again until 2016 that makes 2011 even more special for Karate Kid'ers.

What is so special about 2011 is that this year's calendar lines up with the calendar of 1983, the year the Karate Kid events took place. So this year when we celebrate December 19th, the day of the All Valley, it will be on a Monday which is the way it was in 1983. When we celebrate the Halloween dance on the 28th it will actually be on a Friday as it was in the movie.

A special year indeed, one that brings the Karate Kid closer to home and closer to the heart.

This year I will also commemorate each important Karate Kid date with a new photograph not yet posted to the blog or a special piece of Karate Kid art that I have been able to find on the web. Just something to try and make this year special.

Then to top it all off on December 19th, official Karate Kid Day, I will be posting my thesis, Truth at the All Valley: a conclusion.

So enjoy the next several weeks of this special year. Celebrate in your own way but come back often to see what I have posted and enjoy this wonderful season.

Sep 4, 2011

Sep 2, 2011

Mr. Miyagi and Daniel sparring


Man Arrested At School In 'Full Ninja Attire'

( 8-23-11)

HILLSDALE, Okla. -- A 21-year-old Garfield County man faces a possible felony charge after he showed up on school property dressed as a ninja and armed with a samurai sword and ninja sais, police said.

Gavin James Stiffler, of Hillsdale, was arrested on Aug. 18 on the campus of Hillsdale Christian School.

He is charged with possession of a weapon on school property.

Investigators said Stiffler was dressed in “full ninja attire” and was in a crane pose when they pulled up to the campus around 7:30 a.m. Stiffler was outside where he was performing martial arts techniques on the school’s playground, according to investigators.

Principal Renae Haymaker told Eyewitness News 5, by phone, that only a few students were on campus at the time and no one was hurt. She also said the school was put on lockdown and buses were diverted until the 21-year-old was in custody.

Surveillance cameras at the school captured the act. However, school officials have declined to release the video.

If Stiffler is convicted, he could face a fine of up to $5,000 and two years in prison.